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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Me- Chapter one

"Zen! you're stained"
Zenobia ooooo!
A young girl was calling her friend who was a few feet away, her friend usually lost touch with planet earth and she was used to calling her forcefully in other to gain her attention. Zen looked up in irritation, she was indulging in her favourite fantasy- becoming the first female president of her country and all the changes she would make in office. She definitely didn't welcome the intrusion of Bisola's shrill voice.

"Bisola, why are you calling my name like I owe you money or I snatched your chewing gum boyfriend"

She rolled her eyes in reply and told her that her skirt was stained. Zee remembered she was expecting her period that evening but she was slightly puzzled at the speedy onset of this particular period. Her periods usually began by 8pm and they had been regular since her menarche, the word made her giggle a little as she remembered the joke that claimed that all female issues had men as a prefix. She thanked Bisola as she removed her cardigan from her body and tied it on her waist.

"Do you have a pad?" Bisola asked, she wasn't sure she had one so she went to search her bag for the blue packet she vaguely remembered putting in a few month earlier. She found it and gave her friend the thumbs up sign and went to the restroom. She would have loved to go home and have a long shower but she knew that wasn't going to happen. Her school was a very strict and regimented one, she could only go home if there was an emergency and one of her parents would have to come to school to take home. She quickly imagined her mother's reaction if she left work to take her home just because she wanted a shower. Dismissing the thought with a harsh exhalation of breath, she got of the restroom and went to the science laboratory.

They had chemistry practical and the lab was already full, that only meant one thing- Corper Jude was conducting the practical. Jude was slim and tall with a pointy beard, in the real world he was passably handsome but in this only girls quasi missionary secondary he was a rock star, film star and sex symbol all rolled into one irresistible package. Zen went to the middle of the lab where she knew Bisola would have saved a seat for her, she found her with her eyes closed and a dreamy expression on her face.

"Stop thinking about that small boy, it will mess with your grades" She hissed the words in irritation
"Not all of us have ice flowing in our veins like you" was Bisola's sharp retort and immediately the dreamy expression was replaced with belligerence. She smiled at her friend's mood swing, at least she was alert now.

The class was interesting as usual, Zen liked the colour change experiments, chemistry fascinated her and her school had very good chemistry teachers who were willing to talk to her about chemistry and chemical phenomena for hours. She was also the best student in chemistry, her weakest chemistry score had been 93% and she wrote that exam while she had a severe bout of malaria fever.

The practical was the last class of the day, when the closing bell rang she sighed in relief and gathered her things to go home. Bisola wanted to discuss the latest happenings in her "relationship" but Zen was in no mood to humour her, the only thing she wanted was a long warm shower so she brusquely told her to keep the gist for the next day.

She got home without any incident and let herself in, she flung her bag on her bed and ran to prepare the water for her shower. She could hardly wait to cleanse herself.

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