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Saturday, 29 November 2014

You- Chapter six

I'm changing my business, no more fixing for me. I was very nearly arrested yesterday for drug dealing. My saving grace? One of the drug enforcement agency operatives had a sister living in Aduwawa, I paid her children's school fees as part of my corporate social responsibility. The minute he saw my name on the sting operation he called his sister telling her to warn me.

They told me they had gotten an anonymous tip-off that I had 1.5 kilos of cocaine in my house. I lived alone in a three bedroom bungalow in Aduwawa and didn't keep drugs on the property, I knew whoever had given that tip must have planted the items in my house. There was no point in trying to search the house and remove the offending item, it might even be more than had been reported. The only course of action was a very painful one, I felt like a mother sacrificing her first child to save herself. I had no other choice

The heat was overwhelming, I'd used an accelerant an old friend taught me how to make. It was guaranteed to raze down a house in minutes, I needed something quick and efficient because the raid was planned for the next day.

 As I watched the flames gobble my beautiful little house, I couldn't shake off the many memories my house had given me. It was the product of the first big score I made as a fixer. Where I recieved my first head, a gift from a very grateful hooker whom I'd paid her mother's medical bills. As a rule I don't do sex, it depletes my energies and blunts my focus, besides women have an attachment complex. They never see a fuck for what it is- a simple fuck to release stored semen. They'd start clinging and having relationship delusions, who has time to fend off a deluded piece of ass, not me for sure.

More memories flood my mind, the monthly parties I held here for the children I sponsored. Most of them weren't even told 'happy birthday' in their homes so we had a party for children born in a particular month. The arts and crafts lessons the kids had here, the meals I made with them in the kitchen. I wouldn't miss the house too much but the kids would, for most of them it was where they had access to good food and companionship. I silently vowed to rebuild it soon, but first I had to find who wanted to destroy me...

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  1. Okay, mami, you need to write a movie script...I mean, are you kidding!!!...buh you know, I feel like this Gaius character is gonna make a big comeback and mehn it is NOT gonna be pretty....buh mehn, who would have pegged him for a very sentimental guy?....buh it is good to know that he has something close to home tho'....**deep relief sigh** I am off to go read the other new series!...hehe.....Love me some Adaeze...


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