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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Me- Chapter 4

  Rats were on her mind, not the type you'd see in virtually every gutter in Lagos Mainland those ones were as big as rabbits and always made her wonder why anyone would believe there was poverty in the land. Even the rats were chubby and looked well fed, she smiled at her silly train of thought but sobered up quickly. Poverty was a huge menace in Africa and making such jokes were only counterproductive.
  The rats she wanted were probably a different species of rodents, the white laboratory rats. She was studying the effect of certain chemicals on the gastrointestinal tract of animals that ingested minute quantities of them. She was perhaps the first chemistry student of her university to do any kind of research involving live animals, she was teased and even mocked about her decision to do her third year term paper on such a weighty yet irrelevant topic. Zenobia was accustomed to being teased and mocked about many things, however no one teased and mocked her about her grades or when they came to her for tutorials.

Her phone rang and interupted her thoughts, it was Leo. He was calling to give her feedback on the quest she sent him on. He had found a marijuana dealer and wanted to know the next step. She asked him to meet her at one of the bukas, she had made a wise decision. Leo was always hungry and the opportunity to get a free meal would keep him in a good mood.

"The guy's name is Gaius, he's the best dealer around here. He has premium stuff and he is very upfront about his business" Leo had finished his food, he was drinking sprite as he scratched his beard while telling her how far he'd gone to get her request.

"Gaius, what kind of name is that?" Her brow was creased in slight irritation.

:Zenobia Oko, you're the leasst qualified person to ask that questiion. At least I'd heard his name before, nobody has heard your own name before"

She clicked her tongue in annoyance and asked him if they could see the dealer that same day and he agreed.They walked out of the buka quadrangle and hailed a cab which took them to a rather seedy part of the neighbouring community.

 Gaius was waiting for them at the previously agreed rendezvous point, he greeted Leo warmly while he looked at her derisively and spat out a greeting. They quickly finished the transaction and turned to leave, one minute later she turned back and found him staring in at her intently. She waved at him and he expectedly turned away.

 Later that night she pondered on what had led an intelligent looking young man to becoming a small time drug dealer, she smiled at herself and her propensity to assume a lot about people. He might end up not being bright if she got closer to him, she dismissed the thought of him not being smart. He couldn't have survived in his business without being smart. Eventually her thoughts turned to the rats she needed for her term paper,she forgot about Gaius and didn't remember him for a long while.


  1. Phew!!...Okay mami...you need to stop writing them posts short mehn!!!...Aii Zaa!....mami...I wanna know what happened to the rats and the drug dealer. I wanna hear more bout her perception bout the food-ist (that's what my buddies call people who love free meals..lol)...mami...**screaming** C'mn!!!!....I wanna know what she needed the marijuana for?!....Grr....**cocks shotgun** Adaeze!...How many times?!?!....does this post have a part 5?.... Grrr.....mami...I am eagerly waiting for the next...buh mami...I just had to read Part 3....I am not sure this is a continuity of that...is it?

    1. So many questions, it will get clearer soon. Although I'm not really sure where its going either.
      Thanks for following the series so far

  2. Interesting story, make full stories biko


  3. Lovely story line but you are feeding the story to us in drips... Ogini!

    1. I'm sorry dear, I was in orientation camp. I'm back home now, hopefully the flow will be much better.


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