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Monday, 6 July 2015


 “They don’t have iodized salt and I don’t understand this sea salt and rock salt that they have” she said looking up at the man beside her who was carrying their basket.

“What do you think” she asked a little hesitantly and he shrugged his slim shoulders in reply.

“Akin please make an effort, you’ve not contributed anything since we started shopping”

 “I’m paying, aren’t I?” he cut in.

They’d said shopping together would strengthen their bond, which was the only reason he’d allowed himself follow her to the mall. In retrospect he should have seen how terribly it would turn out, her constant need for chitchat would only irritate him. She didn’t seem capable of making any decision without consulting him, imagine consulting him on salt. Salt?!

 Where was the zesty young woman he first saw at another mall? She knew her own mind, she wasn’t afraid of an argument and she wasn’t this clingy mass of insecurities.

“Akin! Say something, what should we do about the salt?” 

“Anything you like Aisha, anything you like”


  1. Aw. I think this is another proof that constant and open communication is important in a relationship. We're not mind readers.

    1. Indeed they are very important, thanks for stopping by darling

  2. He aint just feeling her vibes (his heart is far from her)... they probably are still together because of some pressure of some sort.

  3. I think it's more about routine than pressure though, the story was inspired by a couple I saw at the mall.


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