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Tuesday, 6 January 2015


 He decided he'd had enough of his parents inflexibility and lack of understanding, he had to leave home. They even loved his little sister much more than they loved him, they let her have his toys but he couldn't even touch hers without her crying like someone was kicking her on the stomach. When she cried, they'd rush out, carry her and tell her she was their princess and the most beautiful baby in the world. They didn't even tell him he was handsome.

 When he got sad for any reason, they'd tell him to "be a big boy" and he hated it, he wanted to be a baby again, maybe they'd like him better. He told his teacher he wanted to become a baby and she told him he was being silly, like everyone else she had no idea what he was going through.

 One day his sister plowed into his Lego tower and destroyed it, an eternity of hard work destroyed in an instant by a diaper clad monster. His mother laughed when he told her about it, she didn't even notice his pain and anger while his father scooped her up and told her she was beautiful. That day he decided to run away.

 He packed his favourite pyjamas and his raincoat into his school bag and headed for freedom. When he got to the gate, the security guard smiled as he watched him approach. The four year old had a serious look on his face and determination was evident in his stride, trouble was brewing.

  The little boy was reluctant to tell the gate man where he was going and why he was leaving, he felt tears pricking his eyes and he didn't want to cry because he was a big boy. The older man soon coaxed the story out of him and held him as he sobbed. When the crying was done, the gate man explained whiy his parents dotted on his sister, she was blind. The news frightened the little boy as he tried to imagine going through life with his eyes closed forever. He talked about it with the gate man and he told him his sister needed a brother to guide her through life and the little boy eagerly signed up for the job

 He turned back with a smile on his face, he sought out his sister immediately he got home, his parents hadn't even noticed he was gone. "You're the most beautiful baby in the world Rayo", he told her.

"I'll always take care of you" he vowed


  1. Awww mehnnn......Mami, You see this is a plain case of assumption....He assumed that she was more loved than him without even finding out why....I mean, I have heard a 4-year old say to his momma, 'Mama, I don't love you because you don't love me like you love Claire'....sounds like an accusation buh it is actually a fact-finding statement if you look at it logically. ---- cuz when a mother hears that, she needs to find out why he said that and clear his doubts in the process too.

    Mami, I HATE it when people assume mehnnn...I gotta be honest, you see, a kid will always be a kid and that is understandable buh do you know that, if the gate man hadn't stopped him, he would have walked out and anything could have happened to him...why?? because he left home on the 'assumption' that he wasn't loved as much as he should be......Another scenario is, if the gate man hadn't told him the situation with his sister, he would have actually grown to hate her cuz he he will be working with the 'assumption' that she got more attention than him....See why I hate it when people assume...

    Even as an adult...I can't deal with grown-ass men/women who assume alot...Naaa...I see them as grown babies....cuz I dunno why anyone will assume instead of asking a simple question.....then again, Maturity isn't for everyone...

    Phew!.....Part 2 loading mami!!!!....Love mi some Adaeze!!

    1. Ernie! You always humble me with your insight, you see the things I didn't even see. I'm so blessed to know you

  2. I love it!!!!!! Story of our lives isn't it? We either assume the worst in people or basically think there's good in everyone depending on who you are. Friendship has been broken because of assumptions, family feuds, budding relationships, the list is endless. Sometimes asking questions regardless of what answers you think you might get could solve everything rather than escalating into a colorful negativity. Well done


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