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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Rewards 2

 One day I decided to visit my husband at work, a little surprise to spice our already perfect marriage. He was in a meeting and asked me to wait, while I waited I decided to wander a little. My children say I have restless legs syndrome or something like that, those children say the strangest things.

 I found the canteen and bought a coke and kemps crackers, my favourite snack and listened in on people's conversation. Soon the conversations turned to the boss, my husband and how he had become a sexual predator. I felt physically ill and ran to the the rest room to regain my balance.

  I did my research and discovered it was true, it was even worse than I'd heard. All my years of servitude were all for nothing. He had three mistresses and he was planning on making one of them his second wife.

 I'd once heard about a poison which was untraceable in the bloodstream because it is quickly broken down into harmless, endogenous metabolites in the human body. I never forgot its name, and I ordered for it using a fake name and address. Two days later I added a portion to my ogbono soup and served him the soup with fufu.

 My husband's life hangs in the balance, he might not make it. Although my in-laws suspect me, hence this torture session. They'll never be able to prove anything, the bumbling idiots will keep hitting their heads on walls.

 In a number of crime series I've watched, when the murder is a crime of passion. The murderers usually always said commiting the murders felt good. I never understood how taking a life could feel good, now I understand. I totally understand.


  1. **Deep sigh.. bubba, its never good oh. You see this thing called love is very delicate. Shall we take the life of everyone who cheats? Shall we kill everyone? I know it hurts to be treated wrong yeah, but regardless, I think its far worse to take the life of another... my judgement isnt based on spirituality, but on Logic. Nice one Otunne, thrilling as usual, but on a low key this time.. Please do another ghen ghen series nah, biko. In other news, Happy new year Bubba, kindly be informed that we are waiting for a reality post on how your Birthday of life went ooooo. Cheers Bubba. Udo.

  2. Hmmmm...mami....I gotta be honest....I don't believe in hurting the one you 'once' loved...Nope!....Sometimes, when you think of all the good you have done and think of the bad response you got to that effect......It is not always a good idea to lean towards evil....ofcourse it will feel good especially if you are justified....buh mehn, when it comes to matters of the heart....Easy ALWAYS does it....speaking from experience mami....Next post loading....I love mi some Adaeze mehn!


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