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Thursday, 22 January 2015


Remember how excited we were at your unfurling,
Giddy with joy at your awakening.
How our hearts leapt at the sounds of your first steps,
And our smiles at your first words.

You lighted our paths,
Indeed those smiles illuminated our days.
You carried our burdens
That large heart never shirked from us.

 Those that came after you worshipped you,
Those before adored you
You centered us, diverse as we were
You treasured us, like we were gold effigies

Your light flickered,
Threatened to dim several times.
We kept faith
You wouldn't dare leave us

As long as you could,
You held on.
Laughing at death and pain
Scoffing their efforts

 Yet you fell,
Breaking our hearts,
Leaving us in anguish
Torn apart.

Years have rolled away
The sun has risen thousands of times since then
Rivers have swelled
And dried.

Your love still warms us,
You're still with us.
Our hearts may be cracked by the pain,
Our spirits are unbowed.

For my Dede who was born in January and left this world in March... I miss you fiercely.


  1. Woah!...This is deep mami.....So sorry for your loss mami.....Erhmmm...can you help me a lil with the meaning of the word 'Dede'?

  2. Oh wow this is really sad. So sorry hun #hugz


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