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Friday, 18 September 2015

Searching for Sunset

  I’d looked for you for years, I’d gone crazy over you, wondered about you almost every day. I talked about you to people I’d just met. No one seemed to know you, though they agreed that you tickled their minds. You were that strong.

   I can’t remember when I first knew you, whether it was when I was an adorable little girl or when I was a pimply, sullen teenager. I just knew you'd lived in my heart for a long time, you were the whispered wish of my dreams. I loved you even though I didn’t know you.

   I remember lying on my bed with you playing your havoc with my mind, with those smooth male voices trying to interrupt the things you were doing to me. I longed to have you with me, where we could sync anytime we wanted to. I wanted to dance with you, to merge with you on flights of fantasy, to be yours in spirit and flesh.

   I met all the members of your clan- even your brothers. I rejoiced as I met each one even though I kept an eye on the horizon. Waiting for you, longing for you.

  I didn’t give up, I didn’t forget you. Not when the vagaries of life pushed me around, not even when the Irish magic tried steal my soul. I was faithful, I was true, just like you.

 How did you know to reveal yourself to me at this time? To try and wipe the tears I shed for my grandma, to bring comfort to my weary bones.

How my heart raced when I realised you were within reach. I heard my heartbeat in the car as I found you again, you filled my mind until I got home, I finally knew how to find you. When you became mine, I danced. Joy bursting out of every pore in my body, it was you who made it so.

 Now that I’ve found you my Sunset, my heart sings. It will sing for a long time.

 This post is dedicated to my favourite song- Sunset Island by Earl Klugh. 
It's the background music on Cruise Control- it runs every weekday by 9pm on Metro fm 97.7 Lagos and it's usually hosted by men.


  1. What a sight it is indeed. One that can trigger such strong emotions.

  2. 'Dinma: Scripting evoking stories since 1759...


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