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Saturday, 22 August 2015


I dreamt of you again,
Lying in another's arms,
His breath warming my fevered brow,
I dreamt of you.

I have promised to love another,
Before the world I agreed to obey,
With his body he worships me,
Still you will not leave my dreams.

His kisses burn like yours did,
His touch is surer,
I wear his brand on my left hand,
Yet my dreams are your playground.

He traces my spine with his lips,
Calls my name with wonder as he empties into me,
Holds me to his heart and whispers,
While I dream of you again.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading that piece, nicely written!

  2. Aw. The truth comes out in our dreams more often than not.

  3. Sadly this is someone's reality...

  4. What was i thinking hen i read this "Calls my name with wonder as he empties into me"
    Adaeze! hmmmmm

  5. The pain of being with another while inlove with someone else! Chai!


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