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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Too much talk

"Stop that" she said when he touched her breast.

"Na akpu? why you come dey use all your muscle dey press my bobi?" She continued as she watched him fumble with his belt buckle.

"Na your first time?" She asked, "I go charge extra o, my bodi no be practice ground"

His confused yet eager expression had already told her what she needed to know, although she didn't expect him to admit to it.

"I'm the last thirty year old male virgin" he said with a wry smile, "be gentle with me".


"I no dey give tutorial, but because say you fine like Buhari I go break my rule" she said as she went to get condoms from the stash in her toilet.

"Since you no sabi anything, we go start with missionary and progress from there" she continued as she walked into the room.

"Aren't you going to ask why I'm inexperienced at thirty?"

Experience had taught her to pretend to listen to her clients, those SOBs with plenty to say usually turned out to be repeat customers. Looking more for companionship than straffing, that way she did less work for the same pay.

"You impotent?" She challenged.

He smiled at her question and wanted to ask if she couldn't see his "throbbing manhood".

"I was a born again Christian, I was celibate"

"Wetin come happen?" She asked.

"I lost my faith"

He didn't pay her enough to have a philosophical or was it theological conversation, she decided to end the nonsense before it disintergrated into something she couldn't control.

 She knelt and put his penis in her mouth.

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