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Monday, 4 May 2015


Last year I started a series that was supposed to have run through out November, however we were suddenly asked to report to NYSC orientation camp and I abandoned the series after putting up six posts.

 I'm going to try to revisit that series this month, I'll put up the links to the previous entries here and put up a short post to serve as the bridge.








Finding the sonofabitch that did this to him was easier than he'd thought, a few well placed bribes led him to the truth.

 The lazy bastard was playing with his kids while the grim reaper waited patiently, Gaius smiled a soulless smile as he remembered his old nickname, he'd once been as fearless as death and perhaps more dangerous. The orphans had slowed him, being generous to the poor had softened his heart and dulled his senses and he was paying dearly for that lapse in judgement.

 He could have walked in and ended the life of the littlle worm who'd set him up, the cockroach who wanted a bigger slice of the drug trade but he didn't want to end a man's life in front of his children, he'd feel guilty for the rest of his life.

 He'd planted a tiny audio recorder in the house earlier that day when his target's wife went to the market, he could hear every sound in that house down to a rat's sneeze. He listened to the father shepherd the children to bed and he listened to their muffled resistance. Just as his target was leaving the children's room, his youngest daughter called him back and asked to pray for him. The little girl asked God to bless and protect her father and not to allow anybody do any bad thing to him.

 He couldn't do it, he couldn't kill a man whose daughter had just prayed to God to keep him safe. He'd destroy her faith in God or at least cripple it. Chief Kasper's life had just been saved by his praying daughter but Gaius had every intention of making his life miserable, perhaps it was just as well, watching him suffer was indeed the ultimate revenge.


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