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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Gracie part 2

  I shouldn't have answered her, she was an annoying good girl. The type who finished her assignments that same day, tutored academically weak students, helped children cross busy roads, visited the elderly... You get the drift.

   Somehow I felt lonely and sad, seeing her standing there made my heart ache a little. I went to sit next to her and held her right hand, her shy smile made my heart lift. We stayed there, on the swing beside the house while the party continued inside.

   She flopped on the swing seat beside me and we sat in companionable silence. I still can't remember how we ended up on the floor with our clothes flying and our lips meshed. I remember being apprehensive though, I hadn't gone beyond kissing Tracey and groping her boobs and that girl would let anyone touch her. It was so easy with Gracie and in a matter of minutes she was guiding me into her glided cage.

  "You're not a virgin?" I could barely mutter the words, they upset the order of the universe. How could Miss Angel's wings have done the deed and I was still as green as the day my mother had me. She smiled sheepishly and told me how she'd tried it once with a neighbour just to know "how it felt like". Somehow I felt disappointment rising like bile in my heart, her absence of purity upset me and I couldn't even look at her.

  I didn't talk to her after that night and I left the school that same year. I've never thought about her in the years since that day and I'd have happily lived my life without hearing from her but she had to spoil my week with her phone call. I decided to call her bluff.

"Gracie, I had mumps when I was five. I couldn't have fathered your child" she was quiet for ten seconds (I counted) and she called me a heartless, lying bastard.

I smiled to myself as I pulled my wrapper over my body, I couldn't wait to go back to sleep. If only I'd known what was coming next, I probably wouldn't have slept a wink that night


  1. **sigh** Adaeze mami...Tibs lah not happy lah...Mami, do you know I had to go back to the Part 1 and copy it out and put it in a pad and also copy out this post to paste it there so that I could read it as one story cuz I was almost lost....mami...don't do me this way lah...you know I am following this series....Now, I am wondering what could have happened...I mean, he tried to call her bluff and she flipped after 10 seconds......what does that mean?...does that mean he knew she was telling the truth or she was lying?....The 10 seconds break signified what?....acceptance of the fact that he had seen through her lies or waiting for him to say 'Gotcha'....mami, a lil help please?

  2. Hmmmmnnnnn... Okay Ada, i am a tad lost oooo. But lemme keep reading, it will probably add up as we continue in the series. :)


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