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Saturday, 27 September 2014


Its 1:27am, a young woman sits in front of her tablet trying to write a post to commemorate her reentry to blogger, however nothing pops out of her tired brain.
That woman is moi, my bedtime is usually 11pm but on certain days morpheus decides to spurn my advances and even covering my legs (time tested effective sedative for me) doesn't work. Tonight however I decided to do things I hate in order to induce aleep, I arranged my room and despite my hate-hate relationship with putting things in the right place; sleep was still as far as east from west. I decided to open a new blogger account and start a new blog.
 I hate writing! The discipline required tasks my meagre supply. However I'm hoping I'm finally old emough to sort my discipline issues.
    Here's to a new me, may my ink never dry


  1. You can do it! Stay encouraged!
    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

  2. nice write up, you have a way with words

  3. May the words in your head never let you sleep.
    May your tablet never give you a moment's rest if you've not fed her her daily dose of words.
    Write, write till you can write no more...then write some more!

    Kisses and cream


  4. May your ink never dry indeed!
    May your tablet not let you sleep!
    My the words that you need to share keep you awake all night, every night until you put them down for the world to read.
    Write until you can write no more!


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