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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Bottom power

In honour of the International Women's Day I rewrote a poem I'd written in 2007 but didn't get to publish, I wrote it for a campus publication that asked me to submit entries. Perhaps it wasn't its time then, or the title was too risqué for that era. Anyway, here's the poem....

Bottom Power
I am glad I am a woman,
Seemingly soft, weak and helpless.
I am glad you underestimate me
And have no idea what lies under my smooth skin

You cackle in delight at my weaknesses,
You scoff at my efforts.
You tell the world I'm beneath you,
"She won't amount to anything", you tell anyone who'd listen.

The obstacles placed before me only make me giggle,
Can't you understand that they are not worthy of my attention?
The shackles you place on me make me smile
Feeble as wet sand, how can they stop me?

You watch my progress with mocking interest,
Increase my burdens at the first sign of progress
Remind me of my destiny's end,
Your kitchen and your bed.

Yet it seems, "all I do is win"
I refused to fit into your little box
To play a role in your pathetic little play
I am more than you can fathom, bigger than your dreams

You wonder at the source of my strength,
Puzzle over that resilience that is my trademark.
Ponder about my achievements,
The answer will never be clear.

So you cloak yourself in falsehood,
To stroke your bruised ego,
Her legs did it for her...
She opened them at the right time.

Did you see the hours I put in?
The days of pushing myself to my limits and back?
The sacrifices you wouldn't think possible?
No, you were too busy building cages for me.

My results dazzle, don't they?
My achievements speak, no! They shout, I'm sure you agree
My triumphs rub you raw,
My legacies transcend time

Now let me show you the power at the bottom,
It's called Faith,
It's called Hope,
It's called diligence.

I am glad I am a woman,
It only means you'll underestimate me.


  1. I am just as glad as you. Go, go, go! :)

  2. The bottom power of women moves the eyes of men, and even more...lol.
    Respect to all the women of the world esp. you Adaezenwa.

  3. Wow Ada your writing blows my mind everytime!

  4. very incredible Ada, women are the most valuable thing subsequent to life to human existence, women are love, respectful and clam in nature, above all women are very sensitive nature. We @ Braveheartnaija Brave Heart Blog congratulate u on your write-ups


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