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Monday, 29 December 2014

Surprised by love- Alero's odyssey

This love story thing is kinda challenging for me, how do I show two people falling in love without it looking  corny or cheesy? It'll probably get easier with time and I I'd finally be more fluid in my delivery and the stories will be smoother...

 Alero was born blind in a remote shanty in Akute Ogun state. It was a long and tedious birth, her mother had lost so much blood and the baby still refused to budge. Eventually the traditional birth attendant had to use a pair of clamps to get the evil baby out. Unfortunately the clamps badly damaged her eyes and her birth left her mother a semi-invalid for the rest of her life.

 Expectedly, her father and siblings intensely resented her and the double burdens her birth had placed on them. From an early age she learned to fend for herself and her mother as no one cared whether they lived or died. She'd find her way to the market and sing for hours, she'd get food and money from the traders and customers.

 When she was fifteen, her mother died. It was Okpei- her neighbour who buried her, her siblings couldn't be found and her father was too busy with his new wife to care about his burdensome wife and child.

 Okpei soon became an integral part of her life, eventually he asked her to marry him. She quickly and bluntly refused but he pressed on and told anyone who'd listen that his life was meaningless without her.

 She gave in to his request, nay- demand and was married to him within weeks and they lived happily ever after


  1. Huh?!?! Adaeze!...Just like that?!...Na...we got missing parts here....Oh mami...this short...**sad face** I was expecting to read a series today...Mami, we are long overdue!!!!!....Grrr!!!....**brings out bazooka**

    Love you mami!

  2. Hmmmmmnnnnnn okayyyyyy Why is that your stories usually make me shout like they are real? Lmao... when you said her Mother died, i subconciously shouted ah!!!!! Nice one Bubba, but kinda short... i love the longgg series a lot. In other news, LOVE IS A CHOICE, NOT AN EMOTION, hence i am glad Okpei accepted her regatdless. Cheers bubba, and happy 2015 in advance. #Udo


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