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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Twenty random facts about me

I was tagged by the hilarious Ms Cookie to do the twenty random things post. I can't find sleep and thought it would be fun to do this rather than tossing on my bed...

1. I don't have a favourite colour, at a time in my life it used to change but right now my colour palette is a blank slate.

2. When I was three and four years old, my best friend (other than my brother) was a black or reddish hen called Okuko in my home town of Ife somewhere in Imo state. Whenever we travelled home, I became her shadow and she was fond of me (that's what I thought) and she even called me Adascosco. My father says I used to dictate letters to her to be given to anybody travelling home, my grandfather was supposed to read them to her. She died of natural causes (according to my grandfather) just before my fifth birthday and I wept for days.

3. I love dodo (fried plantains), the riper the better. I can eat only dodo four times daily for weeks without getting tired. I hate unripe plantains though, I'd rather eat yams.... Yuck!

4. I wear glasses almost all the time, I need them to watch TV, read, recognise people who are metres away and work on computer screens.

5. I hate seeing dead animals, almost bothers on phobia. It's one of the reasons I can't read medicine for one million dollars, how would I cope with cadavers?

6. I'm an Anglican, baptized and confirmed and I come from a long line of Anglicans on both sides of the family.

7. When I'm in the mood for selfies, I could take hundreds of pictures in one selfie session. To be fair this doesn't happen often, I'm not obsessed with my "beauty" either... it just happens.

8. I can procrastinate for the world. I'd rather do it next week than do it today, if you want me to do something you'd have to bug me day and night about it. Good luck with that though... I bite.

9. I love cooking but can't face it everyday...

10. My dreams are usually very interesting, no dull mundane dreams for this woman...

11. I was born on the 31st of December and I share that day with my dad (I was his birthday present). I've also never spent our birthday away from my dad before, we've always spent the day together. I wonder how we'd manage when I get married.
12. I'm rather reserved and seem quiet but don't let that fool you, I can talk o! You'd have to beg me to stop talking when the ice is broken.

13. I was born in Lagos to parents who were born here too and I can't speak yoruba, sad innit?

14. I'm a staunch Chelsea FC fan even though I don't know the goal keeper's name, or who the current captain is, and I've never watched a live match (I don't watch live matches, football tension ain't healthy for me)

15. I decided to read pharmacy because my favourite author at the time- Cyprian Ekwensi was a pharmacist and a novel by Sidney Sheldon- blood line fired my imagination about the money in the drug market (wish I knew it was the managers and not the pharmacists that got the big bucks)

16. I'm not a tomboy or anything but I couldn't care less about fashion and style, when God was giving people the ability to care about such things I was reading one of the scrolls in heaven.

17. I'm a recovering Coca Cola addict and a teetotaler, alcoholic drinks are usually too bitter for my tender mouth.

18. 70% of my favourite songs were released before I was born.

19. I am not a morning person, the sweetest hours of sleep for me are between 4am and 10am.

20, I hate eba and love fufu, smell and all!

Finally I'm done! Thanks again Ms Cookie for tagging me.


  1. hehehehe@letters to okuko i hope she didnt was eaten o and really died hehe it funny the things we do as children and as much as i like dodo i cant eat more than 6 pieces and i start feeling bloated... ooh girl i am also a selfie queen as in i could be late for work but trust me i have a few mins to spare (so shameless lol) lol at the manager making all the money. i loved reading about you :-)

    1. You know darling, I hadn't questioned the Okuko story until a few hours ago when I was writing this post. The thought didn't even occur to me that my beloved grandfather couldn't have been lying about her, I'll ask him when I get to heaven.
      Six pieces of dodo and you feel bloated? That's sad :-(((((. The stuff nightmares are made of.
      My fellow selfie queen! it's just annoying that some people don't understand that a good selfie can set the tone for the rest of the day ;-)
      Sadly I just learned that the pharm guys are the drones and it makes me feel kinda sad, all those years suffering and reading with zero social life...
      Thanks again for tagging me and thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Very funny post!
    I loved the Okuko story.. As I read, I had to go back again to read that she was a hen and not a human being! lol
    Awww @ you and your dad, that's really nice.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment. I saw her as almost human then, I remember chattering nonstop to her during our many walks.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by dear, I really should disturb you for style lessons.

  4. Mami...are you kidding bout #5??.....hahaha.....Epic!!!!....Hows mi mami doing?

    1. I'm good darling, I'm not kidding about number 5. In fact I don't even like touching live animals, the dead ones give me the creeps.

  5. You must have been the cutest three-year old ever and you're sure still cute!
    I too love plantain...not too ripe thought.

    You are such a hilarious person Ada bekee!!! Keep writing!

    1. I don't think my mum would agree with cutest three year old. The stories she tells would make you laugh for days, don't know how I'd cope if I had such an outspoken daughter that has no fear.

  6. Quiet hilarious, i mean all facts. The sweetest is being daddy's birthday present


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